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Shiraz Warehouse Control System – The Order Fulfillment Engine


W&H Systems provides an Order Fulfillment Engine, called Shiraz Warehouse Control System. It features pre-engineered modules focused on Omni Channel distribution. Shiraz integrates easily with order fulfillment technologies, ERP systems, and Warehouse Management Systems. It directs operations for returns, shipping and manifesting, labeling, packing, order consolidation, labor and task management, packaging sortation, and order picking. Shiraz fulfillment concepts must be flexible and able to pick slow, medium, and fast-moving products, and then pack them via manual, semi-automated, or automated packing procedures. Because of the variety of fulfillment requirements, Shiraz is available in three modes:

  • Classic Shiraz – Handles 8,000 items per day for a maximum of 2 million items per year. Order consolidation modules are manual.
    • Batch picking: 12 – 500 orders per cart; 300 – 800 units per hour; 2000 orders per day.
    • Manual Consolidation: 30’ (10M) – 50’ (15M) wide; 50-100 locations; 300-800 items per hour; 2000 orders per day.
    • Manual Packing: 30 – 100 orders per hour/station; 20 stations – 2000 orders per day.
  • Blue Shiraz – Handles 24,000 items per day for a maximum of 6 million per year. Order consolidation modules are primarily via a unit sorter.
    • Picking: Batch Picking for Piece Pick; Full Case; Carts or Conveyor
    • Unit Sorter with manual consolidation at chutes: 100 – 400 sorter chutes; 4 orders per chute; 6000 – 20000 units per hour.
    • Semi-Auto Packing: 300 – 700 orders per hour automated packing; up to 1080 orders per hour.
  • Performance Shiraz – Handles 100,000 items per day for a maximum of 250 million items per year. A unit sorter is the primary order consolidation module.
    • Picking: Piece Picking – 300 Lines Per Hour/Person; Case Picking: 150 – 250 Case Per Hour/Person
    • Unit Sorter & Consolidation: 10,000 – 12,000 Unites Per Hour; 300-800 Sorter Chutes; 40-100 orders per Consolidation Wall
    • Packing: Semi-Automated Packing – 300-700 orders per Hour Automated Packing; Up to 1,080 Order Per Hour.