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Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor


Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors are used to transport and accumulate cartons and unit loads so that they can be effectively queued up to feed into sortation equipment, palletizers, or other material handling equipment. “Zero pressure” means that once an item has accumulated, the driving pressure beneath the item is completely removed so that products do not touch each other while they accumulate. Distribution centers with a wide variety of product width and weight typically use these conveyor systems.

This type of conveyor system is used to provide a buffer zone when a steady stream of products can be held back when downstream processes aren’t ready for additional product. They are also beneficial in smoothing out any fluctuations in production line rates caused by machines operating at different speeds or line stoppages due to downstream malfunctioning equipment.

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors from DMW&H are a type of roller conveyor that is made up of photoelectric sensors and on-board zone logic to control the drive actuation. The photo sensor notifies the zone controller that a product is present and therefore it will not activate the drive rollers. Once the sensor identifies a clear zone, the drive rollers are activated to release the product to the next zone in a well-spaced sequence. Typical processes where these types of conveyors are used is in packing, picking, weighing or shipping.

To choose the right accumulation conveyor for your needs, DMW&H takes into account the product weight, shape, and packaging; the area available for the equipment; and the amount of accumulation time needed.