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24 Volt DC Powered Conveyors

The 24 Volt DC Powered Conveyor is a roller conveyor that is driven by a series of 24 volt motors designed to be quiet, safe, and energy efficient. Since the drive train is distributed along the conveyor length a single piece of equipment can perform multiple functions, such as working at different speeds in multiple directions or starting and stopping individual sections.

This is a non-contact, zero pressure accumulating conveyor that features a 24-volt motor designed without gears and with low resistance, which equate to a higher efficiency operation and lower noise when operating. The motors also features a robust, long-life. This conveyor’s intended for handling loads such as pallets, containers, drums, etc. Products in accumulation zones may be released upon request.

Of all the costs associated with operating a conveyor system, the biggest component is energy, thus a 24-volt DC-powered unit can produce energy savings of up to 50 percent. With far less complicated drive mechanisms, these systems are amazingly quiet, more reliable, and easier to maintain.  The absence of transmission gearing and chains reduce noise and maintenance while increasing safety. Safety is also enhanced by the lower system voltage. The smaller motors and simpler drive trains also lend themselves to more flexible device configurations for conveyor width, elevation, spirals, curves, etc. Most 24VDC systems actually shut off motors for accumulation rather than just stop driving the rollers like AC systems. This saves both energy and wear on a system’s moving parts and decreases required maintenance due to reduced run time.