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REI Goodyear, Arizona

REI Goodyear, Arizona

W&H Presents the RSW i-PACKSTATION: Enhanced Palletizing, Auto Pallet Exchange and Stretch Wrapping

i-Packstation combines RSW and W&H Systems’ ergonomic case handling technology, state-of-the-art lift to streamline the building of pallets with mixed product/packaging in distribution centers.

W&H Systems Retail Warehouse Control System Demo

W&H Systems provides the Shiraz Warehouse Control System for retailers to help them manage their key performance indicators, monitor events in real-time, and gather business intelligence from warehouses processes for continuous improvement. The Shiraz Warehouse Control System runs on mobile devices like the iPad. The Retail Warehouse Control System Demo shows how the W&H Systems WCS can better run your retail distribution operations.

Liquor Warehouse Control System iPad Demo from W&H Systems

W&H Systems Warehouse Control System Shiraz now works on an iPad, allowing wine and spirits distributors to establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators, monitor and control material handling equipment, and share information with key decision makers. Configurable KPI’s providing visibility about DC performance, operational efficiency and service level. Wine and Spirits Distributors can visualize data in real-time, customize dashboards with a library of KPIs, run reports such as full case summary and bottle room summary, and browse event log and view details of an event. W&H Systems WCS drives continuous operational improvement with unfettered visibility into warehouse operations, delivering actionable intelligence to perfect fulfillment operations.

W&H Systems 50th Anniversary Video

W&H Systems recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary in April 2014. The company was started in 1964 by Frank W. Hoenigmann and Kent F. Warner. Originally the company was named Warner & Hoenigmann, and then changed to W&H Conveyor Systems. As they added more material handling automation equipment, the company changed the name to what it is today, W&H Systems. Today, the wine and spirits distribution business represents about 40 percent of revenues, retailing about 50 percent, and e-commerce about 10 percent.

The company has a large staff of electrical, mechanical and software engineers, who design the physical system of conveyor, racks and bins — the “muscle” of the system, as well as the information technology “brains” that tells the machines what to do. W&H Systems demonstrates everyday their ability to deliver what they promise and do so while practicing the strongest business ethics.