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Project Management

Project Management

DMW&H performs the following actions to assure a successful implementation that meets and exceeds our customer’s expectations:

Kick-Off our Project Management Process: After an order is received, DMW&H assigns a Project Manager and assembles an in-house Project Team. The Project Manager assigned to the project is dedicated to its successful and timely completion. All work, contracts and initiative come through this person.

Kick-Off Meeting: Each project has a team “kick-off” meeting where the specific job requirements and details are discussed. Also discussed are all other important issues including: the schedule, staffing, and individual team member assignments and responsibilities.

Engineering & CAD Drawings: After the team kick-off meeting, members of the technical support staff begin engineering the details of the project. The latest CAD technology is used to produce construction drawings.

Equipment & Schedules: The Project Manager orders the specific equipment and schedules its delivery to the job-site. Prior to the equipment’s arrival, the Field Installation Supervisor organizes the installation staff.

Installation: During installation, regularly scheduled team meetings are held to ensure that the installation is proceeding on schedule. When installation is complete, the Project Manager conducts a walk-through inspection with a customer representative.

Acceptance Testing: Following this inspection is acceptance testing to verify that the system operates as designed. A punch list of items to be corrected is generated and addressed.

Acceptance Test: Once all punch list items and the acceptance test have been signed off, the system is considered fully operational!

Customer Training: To ensure safe, efficient operation and maintenance of the system, DMW&H conducts both classroom and hands-on training of customer personnel.

Hand Over The Keys: Once the system is fully operational, DMW&H provides complete operations and maintenance manuals for future reference.