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Fueled by e-commerce growth and the rising demand for just-in-time ordering, warehouses and distribution centers are changing their order-picking scenario to a Goods-to-Person fulfillment model. This approach minimizes wasted time between picks and increases the number of orders each person can process. The concept involves instead of sending workers out to retrieve goods, automated material handling equipment brings the goods to order pickers who remain in a fixed spot.

Goods-to-Person solutions can incorporate high-density storage systems, pallet-based or tote/carton-based systems, horizontal and vertical carousels, robots and vertical lift modules. Used by a variety of industries, including retail, grocery, pharmaceutical, apparel, food, and more, Goods-to-Person systems work best in high-volume operations that do a lot of piece picking for many individual orders.

Benefits of a Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment System include:

  • Enhanced productivity – automated equipment boosts pick rates because workers spend less time travelling and more time picking orders.
  • Streamline workflow with product sequencing capabilities
  • Save on overall storage space with denser storage
  • Boost accuracy as goods are delivered to workers, eliminating the chance they will pick the wrong item.
  • Foster safer work environment by eliminating the need for workers to carry heavy cases and boxes from place to place.