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Goods-to-Person: Picking Strategies – Bet You Can’t Pick Just One

Posted October 31, 2014 in Blog, Goods-to-Person/Reverse Logistics

Goods-to-Person Fulfillment Solutions

Goods-to-Person Fulfillment Solutions

By Chris Castaldi, Director of Business Development, W&H Systems

Bottlenecks in the DC driving you to drink? Believe me, it’s not making your workers any happier either, and it’s doing a number on your productivity levels, too. Negotiating clogged aisles and congested pick zones is terribly frustrating – and adding more labor as a stopgap measure actually makes it worse, choking up the process even more. So how do you unkink the works and get warehouse traffic flowing smoothly again?

Change direction.

Instead of sending persons-to-the-goods, use automation to take the goods to the person. By eliminating packer travel, appropriate goods-to-person systems increase productivity, improve order accuracy and quality, and enhance ergonomics and efficiency.

While that sounds like a simple, obvious solution, in practice it’s much more complex, of course. From fairly straightforward systems equipped with carousels to comprehensive robotic racking systems, and everything in between, goods-to-person systems require careful design, advanced optimization software and a smart WCS as traffic cop. Other picking technologies, such as pick-to-light or voice-directed picking, are often incorporated, as well, to streamline the workflow.

Implementing a goods-to-person solution takes a significant investment but typically delivers strong ROI. A well planned, highly efficient goods-to-person solution jumpstarts efficiency and drives productivity.

That’s the key to getting orders picked, packed, shipped and on the road to your customers.

W&H Systems delivers Goods-to-Person fulfillment solutions that improve labor productivity and increase picking accuracy. Goods-to-Person fulfillment systems incorporate state-of-the-art picking solutions, conveyors, and other material handling automation. Contact W&H Systems for all your Goods-to-Person fulfillment needs.