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Paul Hendrikse

Systems Manager

Paul Hendrikse

Paul Hendrikse, as Systems Manager, is responsible for working with W&H Systems’ sales, design, and integration teams for the design and development of Garment on Hanger (GOH) Systems and Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Systems within clients’ warehouses and distribution centers. He delivers concepts for e-commerce order fulfillment with various degrees of automation that meet or exceed clients’ requirements in the retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer markets.

Paul’s expertise includes:

  • Garment on Hanger Systems
  • Sortation and Conveyor Systems
  • Retail Fulfillment Best Practices
  • Direct to Consumer Fulfillment Systems
  • Issues & Challenges of the Retail Industry
  • Issues & Challenges of the E-Commerce Industry
  • Project Management
  • Comprehensive Technical Understanding of Material Handling Equipment
  • Design & Implementation of Warehousing & Distribution Systems

Previously, Paul was the Assistant Vice-President of Sales and Director of System Sales at KEY Handling Systems, where he led the sales and development of Garment on Hanger systems. He also worked as a Systems Engineer at KEY. Prior to that, he worked as a Systems Engineer for Vanderlande Industries, where he designed baggage handling systems for major airports, along with warehousing and distribution systems.

Paul graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technisch College Ede. Paul is a member of APICS, MHEDA, and MHI.