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Carlstadt, NJ – July 24, 2013 – W&H Systems, Inc., a full-service integrator of material handling systems that improve fulfillment operations and maximize warehouse efficiency, announces its next generation warehouse control system (WCS), named Shiraz. The new W&H Systems WCS offers increased visibility and control of processes from any location, better coordination of equipment control for higher throughput, and optimizes material handling systems for improved performance.

W&H Warehouse Control System

Warehouse Control System

“Next generation warehouse control systems have expanded in functionality where they primarily served as the interface between the warehouse management system (WMS) and automated devices. Now they handle tasks that were customized in the WMS, such as order fulfillment, wave management, and planning,” said Rudi Lueg as Director of Technology of W&H Systems. “W&H Systems next generation WCS is extremely flexible to handle the dynamic, fast-paced operations within a warehouse. Consumers want their orders now and a WCS can help increase service levels, while lowering costs by eliminating the need to ship products overnight.”

W&H Systems Warehouse Control System orchestrates material and information flow to order fulfillment technology and material handling equipment, providing real-time operations intelligence into warehousing processes. Key capabilities include relieving a customer host computer of managing a real-time material handling automation interface; maximizing system throughput and performance while utilizing the most efficient methods for pallet, case and item routing; and intelligent wave release, allowing the grouping of orders by common functionality to make order fulfillment as efficient and minimize bottlenecks.

W&H Systems next generation WCS provides:

  • Improved visibility into operations in real-time allows managers to monitor equipment performance, facilitate troubleshooting, and keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Advanced wave and planning.
  • Generates real-time views of distribution center performance from any location via mobile devices.
  • Flexibility to quickly respond to changes needed or alerts from high-speed equipment.
  • Reliability with consistent access to real-time data to improve response times and adaptability.
  • Easy integration with a variety of equipment and systems.
  • Advanced diagnostic and reporting tools for instant problem solving and trend analysis.
  • Streamlined execution of warehouse processes for greater efficiency and throughput.
  • Ability to run on iPads and tablet PCs so people can easily audit product locations and analyze what-if scenarios.
  • Scalability and Flexibility to grow as your operations grow.
  • Lowers costs by eliminating the need for a full-blown WMS.

The new WCS drives continuous operational improvement with unfettered visibility into warehouse operations, delivering actionable intelligence to perfect fulfillment operations.